By: Ethan Song
Impunity Watch Reporter, Asia

NAYPYIDAW, Myanmar- The International Criminal Court has a confirmed the preliminary probe on Myanmar for crimes against Rohingya Muslims.

ICC opens probe into crimes against Rohingya

Several thousands of Rohingya Muslim has fled from Myanmar in fear of Muslim crackdown. Photo Courtesy of (Mohammad Ponir Hossain/Reuters)

Since last year, more than 700,000 Rohingya Muslim has fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh following a brutal muslim crackdown from the governing body. This crackdown has been a retaliatory action following the Rohingya militant’s attacks against security post in Myanmar.  The alleged actions by the Myanmar government include murder, sexual violence and arson against the Rohingya Muslim.

The initial probe will open up possibility for a full investigation by the International Criminal Court. The probe will focus on the different acts committed by the Myanmar government that led to the fleeing of Rohingya Muslim. Once it is deemed plausible, the court will continue investigating possible genocide claims against Myanmar.

The initial probe by the ICC comes days after the U.N. report demanding Myanmar be investigated for genocide charges. The 444 page report by the UN reports detailed allegations committed by the military in relation to the Rohingya people.

Myanmar has denied all allegation on this matter. This is not the first denial by the Myanmar government of its actions against the Rohingya Muslim. Myanmar continues to discredit the U.N. report by stating that it is misleading and a one-sided report of the incidents.

Despite Myanmar not being part of the ICC, the court will still continue to establish jurisdiction due to Bangladesh’s membership in the ICC. The court hopes that the probe will lead to different investigations on the alleged matter by Myanmar.

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Author: Ethan Song