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Impunity Watch Law Journal at Syracuse University College of Law is an interactive website that operates as both a law review and news reporting site, with this website serving as our primary publication platform. The goal of our web-based presence is to immediately alert the world to impunity issues as they arise and to provide open access to thoughtful, cutting-edge academic debate about impunity issues.

We work to provide unbiased, objective reporting on impunity issues throughout the world. We aim to expose and examine human rights and impunity issues from a grassroots and academic perspective.

Impunity Watch was created through the efforts of a dedicated group of students and Professor David Crane, the founding Chief Prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Leone. Journal and website were launched in October 2007 with a very small dedicated staff. Impunity Watch is now comprised of over 40 active law student members.

At Impunity Watch we participate in events such as the annual International Humanitarian Law Dialogs and we work with other human rights organizations to further our goal to alert the world to impunity issues.

NGOs, government officials (including U.S. State and Defense Department leaders), international lawyers (including Serge Brammertz and Luis Moreno-Ocampo) and people around the world regularly visit the our website. Impunity Watch is read by over 200 people per day and over 2000 per week. Our website has been read in over 212 different countries and territories. Our articles have been cited on the BBC, CNN, and notable international blogs. Additionally, the U.S. Library of Congress sought permission to include Impunity Watch within its electronic database, for which we of course obliged. Further, thanks in large part to our dynamic news reporting, we are proud to note that we are the most widely read law review in the country.

As a professional organization, we have high standards to always achieve accurate, unbiased, and objective reporting, which  requires an in-depth knowledge of specific regions of the world. We hold ourselves responsible for knowing about a region’s key political players, differences in beliefs between the majority and minority populations, and current developments and changes. All members of the staff are dedicated to doing excellent, professional, and timely work.


Anna Patton, Editor-in-Chief



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