By Erica Laster                                                                                                                          Impunity Watch Reporter, North America

MANAGUA, Nicaragua – While abortion continues to be illegal in Nicaragua, the use of 9 year olds to advocate for its use in the country is not. According to reports by Nicaraguan police, more than two thirds of the countries rape victims from 1998-2008 had not reached the age of 17.  Various tactics and measures used as solutions to resulting sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancies result in stigmatization and further trauma.

Current Nicaraguan President Ortegas stepdaughter accused him of rape in 1998.  Authorities never prosecuted him.  Photo courtesy of BBC News.
Current Nicaraguan President Ortega's stepdaughter accused him of rape in 1998. Authorities never prosecuted him. Photo courtesy of BBC News.

Amnesty reported that one mother attempted to file a complaint regarding her daughter’s rape by her step father.  Despite her report, authorities charged her with complicity and placed her in jail for 12 years for her failure to report the crime earlier.

Authorities never took action to arrest the step father.

Esther Major, a Nicaraguan research for Amnesty recognizes that “Young vitimcs of rape and sexual abuse demand that their right to be free from sexual violence is protected by the Nicaraguan government, and that they are supported so they can overcome the physical and psychological trauma caused by such acts of violence.”

Nicaragua’s abortion law demands that rape victims who become pregnant face imprisonment if they refuse to have the baby.    Many other victims are pressured into delivering the baby or giving the baby up for adoption.  Of the  14,000 cases reported in ten of the last 12 years, the main perpetrators were those in positions of power or relatives of the victims.

The result of inaction taken by authorities is silence from the victims.

Daniel Ortega, the current President of Nicaragua,  was accused of rape by his step-daughter in 1998.  Zoilamerica Narvaez reported the abuse to the authorities, indicating that Ortega molested her from the age of 11 to the age of 22.

As a member of parliament, Ortega maintained immunity from prosecution and the case was never brought to trial.

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