BRIEF: Interim Prime Minister Tries to Establish Political Forum

SUVA, Fiji — After the Pacific Island Forum’s condemnation of Fiji for a lack of progress towards democratic restoration, the interim government has called for a political forum to discuss Fiji’s electoral process.  Interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama, who is currently in Singapore on a fact finding mission, called for the nation’s politicians to gather to work together for the betterment of Fiji.  Particularly, Bainimarama has appealed to deposed PM Lasenia Qarase to engage in talks in order to tackle of question about Fiji’s democracy and to improve their failing economy.

Qarase told Radio Australia that he has been trying to form a political forum for sometime, but, to date, he has refused to meet with Bainimarama.  He said that he has been trying to establish a political dialog between his SDL party and the interim prime minister for sometime and hopes that the two organizations can come together for the good of all.

Radio New Zealand International reports that it is the interim government’s intention to do away with the electoral system laid down by the constitution.  They said that Fiji must not return to the era of racial discrimination and high levels of political corruption.  Bainimarama also said that deposed leaders should not think that the government will return to pre-December 2006 status.

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Author: Impunity Watch Archive