CVT eNews—March Edition
CVT International Women’s Day Celebration 
CVT participated in International Women’s Day on March 8, highlighting this article by Jepkemoi Kibet, physiotherapist/trainer, CVT Nairobi, titled “Helping Women Reconnect to Their Bodies After Torture.” In her post, Jepkemoi comments on the challenges and rewards of her work helping women who have faced sexual violence reconnect to their bodies. She notes, “We must celebrate women’s achievements, especially for those who have gone through the most difficult journeys and overcome the biggest barriers to be where they are in the society.”
Anthony Souffle - Star Tribune
Powerful Star Tribune Article About CVT’s Work 
“Human beings are amazing. They are so resilient. I am often left speechless by that,” commented Dr.  Jean Choe, psychologist and lead clinician for groups, St. Paul Healing Center, in this profile article about CVT, published in the Star Tribune.
Photograph by Anthony Souffle
Aregawi Kahsay
Every Person on CVT’s Team Contributes to Healing
“When I hear the stories of people who have difficulty and find help at CVT, my work is very rewarding,” said Aregawi Kahsay, administration/HR officer, CVT Ethiopia, in this blog post titled “Working as Part of a Team to Help Survivors of Torture.” In his article, Aregawi describes the challenges and rewards of working in an administrative role with the community in the refugee camps.
Children Survivors
Special Care for the Youngest Survivors 
“Children don’t always understand that help is available for the things they are experiencing, so I work with them individually,” notes Dawit Ermias, psychosocial counselor, CVT Ethiopia, in this blog post titled “Children Survivors – Encouraging Healing in the Very Young.” In his article, Dawit writes about the therapeutic approaches that help child refugees heal from their traumatic experiences. 
Put Yourself in My Shoes
Successful Campaign by Activists in Tunisia
The Tunisian Forum for Youth Empowerment incorporated New Tactics’ strategies into their new campaign “Put Yourself in My Shoes.” Read about the successful implementation of tactics that helped bring about change in accessibility accommodations in this blog post, “New Tactics Helps Tunisian Youth Advocate for Disabled Commuters.”
Weathering Uncertain Times
The Ever-Changing Political World
What will happen next in Washington? Many are asking that question these days. For information about the work of CVT’s Policy team in DC, read this blog post, “Weathering Uncertain Times Using CVT’s Mission as a Guide.”

Author: Shelby Vcelka