Egypt Celebrates Anniversary of Revolution with More Protests

By Justin Dorman
Impunity Watch Reporter, Middle East

CAIRO, Egypt – Exactly two years ago, on January 25th, the Egyptians underwent a revolution to oust the military dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak. On the second anniversary of this revolution, thousands of Egyptians have taken to the streets to demonstrate against the country’s Islamist president, Mohamed Morsi.

Thousands of Egyptians rallied in the streets to protest President Morsi on the anniversary of the Mubarak uprisings. (Photo Courtesy of Al Arabiya)

Demonstrations became clashes with stone-throwing, gunfire, and tear gas between protestors and police in Cairo, Alexandria, Suez, and Port Said. Two state-owned buildings, one in Damietta and another in Kafr el-Sheikh, and one office used by the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood were also set ablaze by arsonists.

So far nine individuals have been killed. Seven of which were protestors and the other two were police. As reports are updated, the numbers continue to change, however, at the moment approximately two-hundred and eighty civilians have been injured, while another fifty-five security personnel have been hurt.

Many of the protestors present at these rallies were not shy to speak ill of their current president, Mohamed Morsi. Senior member of the Free Egyptians, Karim Abadir, stated that, “there’s no military dictatorship any more, but there are the beginnings of a theocratic one.”

Hisham Abdel-Latif, a protestor from the Cairene suburbs remarked that Egyptians are, “now ruled by a gang that is exactly the same as the Mubarak gang, except they now have beards.”

Protestor Moustapha Magdi said, “I’m here to get rid of Morsi. . .First Mubarak, then Tantawi, now Morsi. We are only ruled by bastards.”

Others chanted the mantra of 2011’s revolution, yelling as they marched, “the people want to bring down the regime,” and “Leave! Leave! Leave!”

The main complaints against Morsi are that he is only concerned with instituting Islamic law and that he has failed to address Egypt’s struggling infrastructure.

Not all of Egypt feels this way. A recent poll revealed that Morsi boasted an approval rating of sixty-three  percent. There are also other individuals who believe that Morsi has not been given a chance.

The Muslim Brotherhood does not believe that these violent protests are beneficial to the fragile country. Additionally, the Brotherhood notes that its rivals are refusing to properly adhere to the results of the free elections of the new democracy that placed the Brotherhood at the helm of the country.

Morsi, himself, took to Twitter to criticize the stone throwing protestors. He tweeted that, “the ugly violence aims at tainting the civilized nature of Egypt’s revolution. . . I call on all citizens to hold onto the noble principles of the Egyptian revolution to peacefully and freely express their views.”

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Author: Impunity Watch Archive

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