Syria Human Rights Violations Report: 22 April 2012

By Adom M. Cooper
Impunity Watch Reporter, Middle East

Location: Hamaa | Halfaya

This hospital’s freezer is filled with bodies after the regime’s forces shelled the town. The young man seen here is one of the victims of the assault. 


Location: Hama | Masha’ Al-Arba’een

This woman is begging a monitor to help save the embattled citizens of Syria, telling him, “We are slaughtered, we are slaughtered.” 


Location: Damascus Suburbs | Douma


Several residents were killed and dozens were injured when the regime’s forces violently shelled the town on Tuesday. This footage was taken inside a makeshift hospital, and pictures the bodies of the dead. Extremely graphic footage of one of the victims, whose brain was blown out.


Location: Aleppo | A’zaz

To keep up the appearance of committing to the Annan plan and fool the UN monitors before their arrival, the regime’s forces are seen here hiding tanks in trenches in the town. 


Video courtesy of:

Syrian Network of Human Rights – Violations Report – 22 April 2012

Author: Impunity Watch Archive

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