INSCT: Teaching About Syria: David M. Crane Presents to NYSCSS

On Jan. 10, 2017, INSCT Faculty Member David M. Crane joined Andrew Beiter, Education Director,, at a webinar presented by the New York State Council for the Social Studies (NYSCSS). NYSCSS is a statewide professional organization of school social studies educators.

During the webinar, Crane and Beiter discussed the humanitarian crisis in Syria, the rise of ISIS, and the current situation on the ground, as well as how teachers can approach this topic with students and how students can take action.

Thanks to NYSCSS, this webinar has been released as a video presentation using Adobe Connect. Click here to watch.

Co-founded by Crane, is a public outreach effort to raise awareness of the humanitarian crisis in Syria, especially aimed at schools. It offers zero-prep, Common Core-friendly lesson plans; educational background articles; ground-truth facts about the civil war; and information on how to take action.


Author: Shelby Vcelka

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