Legislation Intended To Cut Police Corruption

By Brendan Bergh
Impunity Watch Reporter, South America 

LIMA, Peru – In the wake of public outcry the Interior Ministry of Peru has decided to enact new legislation and standards to combat the corruption that has so completely permeated the national police force.

Peruvian traffic cop accepting a bribe. (Photo Courtesy of Peru This Week)

Police corruption is nothing new. But the levels in Peru have run to such levels that reports from the US Department of State and Us Bureau of Diplomatic Security indicate that “corruption and impunity remained problems,” as noted that “Police have been known to solicit bribes in order to supplement their salaries or may readily accept bribes when offered.” The problem is so rampant that in 2007 the Policia Nacionel del Peru noted “Continuity of corruption cases… damage the image of the PNP.”

The levels of police corruption radiate throughout. From local police officers who readily accept bribes for traffic violations or drug enforcement operations. Earlier this year in San Ignacio, a group of police officers captured drug traffickers attempting to illegally ship cocaine paste, however the 200 kilos of cocaine where never entered into evidence as the eight arresting officers took the drugs for their own personal use. Prosecutors met harsh resistance from officers claiming no illegal activity.

To combat this, the Interior Minister Wilfredo Pedraza Sierra announced that they will set in place a new system of investigation action in the National Police of Peru (PNP) to increase disciplinary actions and end the clout of impunity that has protected police officers in the South American country.

This new system is intended to increase punishments for the corrupt, and reduce the time frame in which the accused will be prosecuted. This system will take case against policemen away from police courts and grant jurisdiction to civil and criminal courts with jurors. This will take the power away from the police and give it to the people. In the past it was widely believed that

This is the latest in Peruvian president Ollanta Humala’s attempt to clean up the police within the country. Last year in his capacity as newly elected President, Humala replaced and fired two-thirds of the country’s senior police officers. Thirty of Peru’s police generals were forced into retirement, even a few without evidentiary links to corruption and drug trafficking.

This reform legislation is intended to clean up the image of the police force.  The Minister stressed their intention to fight policemen who have lost sight of their main creed “to provide safety and care for the citizenry.”

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Author: Impunity Watch Archive