Man Capturing and Forcing Women into Prostitution is Sentenced to Death

By Karen Diep
Impunity Watch Reporter, Asia

BEIJING, China – Yesterday, a court in central China sentenced 35-year old Li Hao, a local government clerk and a father to an eight-month child, to death for holding six women as sex slaves in a man made dungeon.

A picture of Li Hao and his man made dungeon. (Photo Courtesy Business Insider)

After arresting Mr. Hao in September of last year, the court found him, guilty of “murder, rape, organized prostitution, illegal detention and spreading pornography for profit.”

According to Business Insider, Mr. Hao allegedly attended karaoke bars, hair salons, and massage parlors in order to persuade women to return with him.  Once these women would follow him, he would hold them captive between two and twenty-one months.  During this time, he would force them into prostitution, having sex with him, and appearing in online sex performances.

Mr. Hao’s plan was revealed when one of his captives in the Luoyan, Henan provinces escaped and informed authorities.

Three of the women previously kidnapped and kept were also found guilty of murder. They were involved in the death of two other women in the dungeon.  These women were given lenient sentences due to the nature of the situation.

One received three years and the two others were placed on probation. Authorities believed Mr. Hao intimidated them to commit murder.

According to Samay, Mr. Hao forced the women into having sex in order to generate money.

The police chief of Luoyang apologized to the public last year for failing to discover Mr. Hao’s crimes earlier and has subsequently suspended four police officers in relation to the case.

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