Samsung Audit Reveals Inadequate Practices at Suppliers in China

By Karen Diep
Impunity Watch, Asia

BEIJING, China – On Monday, Samsung Electronics Co., a South Korean manufactuer, announced that auditing 105 of its suppliers revealed “several instances of inadequate practices at the facilities.”  Furthermore, Samsung anticipates reviewing practices at 144 other suppliers in China.

A Samsung phone. (Photo Courtesy of CNet)

According to BBC News, said practices include fines for being absent or late to work and excessive overtime.  However, there has been no evidence of under-age workers despite China Labor Watch’s report, a New York-based labor rights group, published prior of such workers in the facilities.  Specifically, China Labor Watch alleged that the hiring, use, and working conditions were “inhumane.”

“Samsung did not identify any instance of child labour during the audits after reviewing HR records of all workers aged below 18 and conducting face-to-face ID checks,” stated Samsung.

Moreover, Samsung requested that all its suppliers implement a new hiring process as soon as possible to combat the previously mentioned issues.  Furthermore, it further requested that they amend irregularities in labor contracts and cultivate a longer-term plan to correct working hours.

“Samsung takes concerns about working conditions in China seriously and, whenever an issue is identified, we take immediate and appropriate steps to correct it,” shared the company.  “Our goal is to assess, improve, and continuously monitor every aspect of working conditions at Samsung supplier facilities to meet our own high standards.”

A supplier of Apple and Microsoft, Foxconn, is well known for its alleged use of child labor, excessive hours, and working conditions.  This was revealed after a Fair Labor Association inspected Apple’s supply facilities.  After this incident, Foxconn agreed to increase workers’ wages.  Since the last check, the Foxconn made progress in these areas.

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Author: Impunity Watch Archive