Al-Qusayr city is located about 35 KM south of Homs, and previously had a population of nearly 30,000 people.

Since May 18, 2013 to this moment, Al-Qusayr has been exposed to the heaviest military attack by the Syrian Government’s Armed Forces, supported by the direct intervention of Hezbollah, the extremist militia.

Syrian Government Armed Forces are currently shelling the city with warplanes, while Hezbollah is shelling the city with surface to surface rockets.  In addition to shelling from artillery positions near a water refinery, which Hezbollah occupies,  it has cut the waterline to all of Al-Qusayr and Hama city in a deliberate attempt to prevent families from accessing water.

Bombardment rates were increased to nearly 50 shells per minute, and resulted in the death of 183 victims, and wounded more than 1,300 people.

In the middle of a shortage in medical equipment, and due to the Syrian government’s prevention of allowing aid to the city, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) could not visit al-Qusayr, and provide any kind of relief at all.

In addition to preventing relief to the city, the Syrian Government’s Armed Forces deliberately shelled the field hospital, completely destroying it.

Supplies and food materials are scarce, because there is no way to provide any grain flour to the city’s residents.

Residents cannot flee or escape due to the siege of the city.  Residents have tried repeatedly, but Hezbollah’s snipers had targeted and wounded a number of them.

Prepared by the Syrian Network for Human Rights

Author: Ali Al-Bassam