Syrian Network for Human Rights | Violation Report | Friday, 26 April, 2013


Casualties and wounded:

Deir El-Zour | Al-Eshara
Military warplane bombardment was responsible for a massacre which took place in Al-Eshara neighbourhood in Deir el-Zour as it took the lives of a number of civilians including children:

Very graphical photos of two of the corpses:

Daraa | Al-Museifra
A horrific massacre took place Al-Museifra as indiscriminate bombardment carried out by the Syrian military took place in Daraa (Extremely graphic):
Suffering and Human Rights Violations:

Homs | Al-Rastan
The people in the city of Al-Rastan are still suffering as the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate where it is hard to acquire any sort of bread for the families to feed on. In addition to this, the constant and daily bombardment overshadows the mental health of children as well as some families who decided to flee the area after their homes have been destroyed:
Citizens queuing for bread:

Bombardment and Destruction:

Damascus | Ain Tarma
Vacuum bombs used by Syrian army warplanes resulted in massive amounts of destruction in civilian buildings:

Daraa | Daraa Al-Balad (Centre)
Syrian army warplanes continue to use barrels filled with TNT which caused significant amounts of destruction in Al-Karak neighbourhood in Daraa Al-Balad:

Hama | Um-Hartein
Bombardment carried out by the Syrian army has left the suburbs of Hama devastated:
Suffering of Children

Homs | Al-Rastan
Children in the city of Al-Rastan are unable to live the lives of a normal child, their only request is for the bombardment to stop:

A number of orphan children living in one home:

Author: Ali Al-Bassam