Syria Deeply: This Week August 28, 2015

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Syrian Druze Dragged Into Civil War

Following the slaughter of dozens of Syrian Druze by Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian arm of al-Qaida, earlier this summer, many young Druze who spoke to Syria Deeplyexplained that an intense debate has been sparked in their communities about whether to take sides in the ongoing civil war. As the Syrian government continues to lose ground to rebel groups, some are saying the Druze must take a definitive stance in support of the uprising.

Syrian Government Continues Attacks on Douma

For more than a week Syrian government forces have launched airstrikes on the Damascus-area town of Douma, which is under rebel control. During the first attack alone – on August 16 – more than 110 civilians were killed within a matter of hours as bombs rained down on markets and neighborhoods.

Douma’s local city council has declared the town a “disaster zone” and called on the U.N. to intervene to halt Assad’s attacks. Speaking to Syria Deeply, witnesses and paramedics described scenes of carnage and massacre.

Aleppo Residents Hit Hard By Heatwave

Residents of Aleppo have been enduring an intense heatwave that has seen temperatures reach 108 degrees Fahrenheit. The heatwave comes on the heels of a devastating water shortage that left many locals ill, according to UNICEF.

Syria Deeply spoke to locals in Aleppo, who described the difficulties of coping with the heatwave at a time when their community is already besieged by the Syrian government.

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Image credits: In the top photo, smoke rises in Douma, where government airstrikes have killed hundreds of civilians over the last two weeks; photo by Sham News Network via Associated Press video. The photo of the Druze was taken by Ariel Schalit for the Associated Press. The photo of Douma was taken by Bassam al-Hakim for Syria Deeply. The photo of the child getting water in Aleppo was taken by Muhammed Muheisen for the Associated Press.

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