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Turkey Losing Autonomy to Syria Crisis,’ Says Expert

Although Ankara and Moscow have provided conflicting accounts on what led Turkey to shoot down a Russian jet along the Turkish border Tuesday morning, Turkey-Syria expert Gokhan Bacik says one thing is clear: the Syrian crisis is transforming Turkey’s foreign policy.

Hassakeh Schools Switch to Kurdish Language Education

Northeastern Syria’s autonomous Kurdish leadership has informed schools in the area they must teach core subjects in Kurdish. But while many of the area’s residents are proud to embrace their ethnic heritage, some worry about whether the change is sustainable in such a chaotic political environment.

As They Say, With Friends Like These …

For Syrian-Americans, writes Evan Barrett, racism did not begin with the attacks in Paris; nor did a sense of disappointment and betrayal start with the passing last week of a House bill that would effectively halt the resettlement program for Syrian refugees for the time being.

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