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‘Women Key to Syrian Future’ – Q&A with Raed Fares

“Women have the most critical role in rebuilding Syria and raising the next generation of Syrians,” said Raed Fares, a community leader in Idlib whose plethora of projects aims to strengthen Syrian civil society through a combination of awareness, education and inclusivity.

Inside ISIS Inc: The Journey of a Barrel of Oil

ISIS controls most of Syria’s oil fields, and crude is the militant group’s biggest single source of revenue. Here, we follow the progress of a barrel of oil from extraction to end user to see how the ISIS production system works, who is making money from it and why it is proving so challenging to disrupt.

Islamic State Authorities Ban Syrian Banknotes

ISIS has banned the use of newly pressed 500 and 1,000 Syrian pound notes, and while some residents fear this could be the beginning of a currency switch throughout the jihadist-controlled territory, others told Syria Deeply it’s a ploy by the upper echelon of ISIS to make a quick buck.

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Top photo: People lay flowers and candles in front of the restaurant Le Carillon, one of the establishments targeted in Friday’s gun and bomb attacks, in Paris, Monday, November 16, 2015. French police raided more than 150 locations overnight as authorities released the names of two more potential suicide bombers involved in the Paris attacks – one born in Syria, the other a Frenchman wanted as part of a terrorism investigation. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

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