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As local resistance groups manage to overwhelm pro-Assad troops and militias throughout Syria driving them out of their town and communities, Assad’s subsequent strategy calls for indiscriminate shelling of these communities using heavy artillery, tanks and helicopter gunships. The tragic nature of this development aside, the situation does give an opportunity for interested international parties to direct air strikes against positions held by pro-Assad militias with minimal risk of collateral damage to civilian populations. But international dithering continues to prolong the life of the Assad regime. Iran and Russia are no longer the sole external culprits in the massacres currently perpetrated by pro-Assad militias.

Tuesday June 26, 2012

Today’s Death toll: 113. The Breakdown: 33 in Damascus Suburbs (Hameh and Qudsayah, West of Damascus, and Douma, East of Damascus) 16 in Daraa, 24 in Idlib, 14 in Homs, 10 in Deir Ezzor, 9 in Aleppo, 5 in Hama and 2 in Damascus City.

Assad officially admits he is waging war against the Syrian people Assad says Syria in a “real state of war” Indeed, a war is an apt description of what is taking place in so many towns and cities across the countries, even in Damascus suburbs: Fierce fighting erupts near DamascusEven UN monitors are feeling the heat: Syria deemed too dangerous for U.N. monitors to resume mission. But the mood inside the regime’s upper ranks seems to be increasingly cloudy, as more high level defections are reported: Latest Syrian Defectors Are From Higher Ranks.

Turkish PM’s border warning to Assad could pave the way for formalizing and protecting the de facto safe haven carved out in Idlib Province by local resistance: Turkey PM Erdogan issues Syria border warning. In this light, NATO’s lack of retaliation might of little consequence for now: Turkey, NATO assail Syria, but no retaliation for shoot-down seen. So does French dithering: French support waning for any action in Syria: poll.

Meanwhile, more U.S. officials are calling for serious action on Syria: Rice: Syria will never be stable with Assad in place.


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Video Highlights

Rebel control over the areas adjacent to the Syrian-Turkish borders in the Idlib province was firm enough to encourage a visit by former SNC President, Bourhane Ghalioun. So, even as Assad was giving his defiant speech, Mr. Ghalioun was paying a visit to the liberated communities near the Turkish borders: Arriving in disguise Meeting members of the local resistance The trip back A day earlier, members of the local resistance managed to take control of an anti-aircraft gun

Maar Dibseh, Idlib Province: a helicopter gunship makes an emergency landing and gets destroyed by members of the local resistance In nearby Khan Al-Subul, local resistance destroy a BMP Wounded and martyrs , ,

The pounding of Khan Shaikhoon, Idlib Province ,

Elsewhere, in Homs Province, members of the local resistance capture a brigadier General working for the Syrian air force

Al-Hameh, Damascus: mass grave for today’s victims of mass shelling The martyrs The pounding of Al-Hameh was caught on camera Nearby Qudsaya offers several martyrs as well , , The pounding of Qudsaya was caught on camera

Talbisseh, Homs Province, the shelling continues: , , , The view from street level

The pounding of old neighborhoods in Homs City continues

The pounding of Deir Ezzor City continues–d63Q Shops catch fire A home catch fire Martyrs A little child among the martyrs

Mleihah Al-Gharbiyeh, Daraa is pounded by choppers

The Palestinian Refugee Camp near Daraa City offers more martyrs as the continuing pounding displaces more people The funeral Mourners come under fire from snipers

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