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The attack on Tokhar village in the city of Manbij – Aleppo

Air raids by jet fighters of the International Coalition, led by the United States, have already caused 513 civilian casualties in Syria, according to the Violations Documentation Center in Syria (VDC). Civilian deaths are On 83 the result of 15 verified air raids on Tokhar village, located some 17 kilometers north of Manbij city, in the rural area Hotels west of Aleppo on Tuesday 19 July 2016.Read more …
The attack on the village in the city of Altokhar Manbej – Aleppo:
Toll risingĀ  civilian casualties in Syria because of the strikes of theinternational coalition led by theUnited States to 513 civilians since 23 September 2014 , according tocenter figures documenting abuses in Syria . Has been documenting thefall of the 83 civilians dead and dozens wounded , some of them still until the moment in a critical condition from the third hour and ahalf from dawn on Tuesday, corresponding to July 19, 2016 ,where the subsidiary of theinternational coalition forces aircraft carrying out more than 15 air strike on the center and the area around the village of Altokhar, 17 km north ofManbej city in the countryside west of Aleppo. Other report …

Author: Impunity Watch Archive